Sex assignment at birth

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Sex assignment at birth is neither biological nor psychological, but a peculiar Romish cultural custom attaching a supernatural significance to a "birth certificate" is used by city hall in the municipality or locality of one's birth.

Sex determination

Biologically, sex is determined at conception, not at birth, but liberal doctors and scientists with a Democratic Party political agenda are not willing to admit that life begins at conception.

Before conception, the father's gametocytes undergo meiosis, and divide into haploid spermatozoa, one of which fertilizes the mother's ovum. It is the spermatozoon's sex chromosome, either X or Y, that determines the sex of the zygote which then develops into the embryo by mitosis.

Baby gender "RevealZ"

Primary sex characteristics

The development of "primary" male sex characteristics in utero is mediated by testosterone.

Sometimes at the political "choice" of the mother, a female embryo is injected with a massive dose of testosterone by amniocentesis. One dose is sufficient to cause an outward masucline appearance of the genitalia for assignment as "male" at birth.

Primitive testicles, which normally disappear through apoptosis in the female-conceived fetus, fail to disappear in such cases of male assignment by choice, and they produce testosterone, but no viable spermatozoa: ovaries and uterus remain, and there is no prostate gland.

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The deliberate alteration of sex in utero as described was a common practice of the antebellum Deep South of the United States. The surgery (sometimes today referred to as Sex Reassignment Surgery) was then known as Reconstructive Surgery, and it was said to be needed "down South" — a polite way to refer to one's private parts.

Of course that manner of speech was an allegory to the "Reconstruction" in general which was needed in the South after the Civil War, when the privileged ladies and gentlemen who dated, danced, and became engaged professionally had to be driven out of the courthouses and into the graves by union gunfire.

The injection of testosterone to female fetuses in utero, to cause a male appearance and masculine development, was one of the most vicious forms of familial slavery and involuntary servitude, which were officially deprecated by the ratification of 13th Amendment after the War.

“Big Girl”

“Big Girl” is another trick commonly played on female fetuses. Instead of bovine testosterone to force her to grow up “as” a male, she is shot up with extra growth hormones, in a series of shots as she regularly visits a pediatrician while growing up. Over six feet tall when she grows up.

Big Girl makes smaller and average girls feel prettier and more feminine. Big Girl is death. Some women are cruel that way.

Return of slavery and involuntary servitude

155 years after the Civil War

Today, human trafficking, slavery, and involuntary servitude have returned in all the forms in which they existed before the Civil War.

It was the U.S. Marshials in their heyday who enforced Reconstruction from the end of the Civil War up to the era of Prohibition. Even though the constitutional Prohibition against alcohol was later repealed by the ratification of the 21st Amendment in the depths of a great economic Depression that had ultimately resulted from the abject failure and abandonment of Reconstruction, the FBI continued to enforce grand organized criminal schemes of Prohibition, not only against alcohol and tobacco, but against firearms as well, to this day, in open defiance of the 2nd and 13th Amendments.

The FBI's present crackdown on wicked doctors is a poor substitute for the war and reconstruction which we need once again at this time to save our lives, even from one day to the next, let alone obtain proper medical care and peacetime housing, with our civil and constitutional rights fully restored and respected.