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Several classifications of personality exist, and most are markedly divided into Bible-thumping masculine and feminine stereotypes. The overriding theme here is a dichotomy of masculine and feminine ideals for each axis of personality proposed or put forth by psychologists.


Christian Nazis are thumping a Holy Bible in order to impose their involuntary regimens of mind-altering substances and forcible confinement in mental institutions.

Main types

Jungian types (MBTI)

Extravert // Introvert

Women are supposed to stay in. Men are supposed to be outgoing. Alan Turing, the famous WWII hero, was considered an "Invert" (i.e. Introvert; different spellings exist) and subjected to court-ordered chemical castration because he failed the masculine ideals of extraversion. The idea is that a man is supposed to ask a woman on a date, and the woman is supposed to be kept under silence, as it were, and limited to a "second place" answering yes or no to a man's "first place" proposition.

Sensing // iNtuitive

Masculine sensing is more overtly carnal than the typical "woman's intuition".

Thinking // Feeling

Men are philosophers, and while women have feelings that need to be validated, they are well advised to leave the hard thinking up to men.

Judging // Perceiving

Again, while women may be highly perceptive in some situations, it is more a man's place to judge.

Freudian types and others

Anal-expulsive // Anal-retentive

"Forsaking all others" in their wedding vows, women "don't give a shit" about anything; whereas a man who actually "gives a shit" about anything is deemed potentially violent and liable to fly off the handle.

This dichotomy is particularly pernicious: there is one stereotype of violence and aggression, and another stereotype of people full of shit on heroin or other opiates. Sigmund Freud's theories existed in a context of the moral decadence of the opium dens of the Victorian era in Austria. Freud's strong emphasis on the subconscious served a strict Code of Omertà (or silence) that kept people from ratting out drug dealers, while blaming drug violence on people who either didn't do drugs or tried to say no to drugs.

feminine ♀

The "feminine" archetype here isn't a real woman, of course. It's the "heroine" (= heroin), either an all-important self-identity as a female "sleeping beauty" or else a stereotype of a pretty female nurse to administer the drug to a male addict who views the drug as a lifesaver.

masculine ♂

The "masculine" archetype is to abstain from the depressant drug and get "up" out of bed. It's the stereotypical "morning erection" and "readiness for war" commonly ascribed to the male sex in conjunction with the Mars symbol and ancient lore.

Type A // Type B

There's a boss and a subordinate at work, "on the job" etc. Type A is the boss, and it is considered unhealthy on the corporate health insurance plan for a subordinate to assume such a dominant role. It is much healthier to bend over, suck it up, etc. in a submissive Type B role. Corporate management-driven murder-for-hire is carefully concealed in a context of cardiac medicine.


These are generally non-consensual relationships that involve either forcible rape or imprisonment and torture. Any sort of involuntary psychiatric care, court proceedings for civil commitment, confinement in a mental hospital, or the like, is definitely in the BDSM category. Very deviant, sick, disgusting, yes, and yet this is what the psychiatric community and mental health establishment force on their patients, whose true medical or health care needs they leave unmet.

I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

Greek Medicine: The Hippocratic Oath

And yet our doctors continue to force all manner of sickness on their patients in the name of health.

Dominant // Submissive

There are often "male" and "female" roles in a homosexual or other non-traditional intimate relationship.

Sadist // Masochist

The same male and female roles, but people are really mean and the relationship becomes very abusive.

APA // DSM-5

  • What Is Gender Dysphoria?
  • Gender Dysphoria | Other Specified Gender Dysphoria | Unspecified Gender Dysphoria
    • RED FLAGS OF HATE: In this chapter, there is one overarching diagnosis of gender dysphoria, with separate developmentally appropriate criteria sets for children and for adolescents and adults. The area of sex and gender is highly controversial and has led to a proliferation of terms whose meanings vary over time and within and between disciplines. An additional source of confusion is that in English “sex” connotes both male/female and sexuality. This chapter employs constructs and terms as they are widely used by clinicians from various disciplines with specialization in this area. In this chapter, sex and sexual refer to the biological indicators of male and female (understood in the context of reproductive capacity), such as in sex chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, and nonambiguous internal and external genitalia. Disorders of sex development denote conditions of inborn somatic deviations of the reproductive tract from the norm and/or discrepancies among the biological indicators of male and female. Cross-sex hormone treatment denotes the use of feminizing hormones in an individual assigned male at birth based on traditional biological indicators or the use of masculinizing hormones in an individual assigned female at birth.
      • "one overarching diagnosis"
      • legalistic criteria of "appropriateness" with respect to minors and adults
      • emphasis on political controversy
      • possibility of pressing arbitrary criminal charges against adults
      • gross assumptions of "obviousness" for sex and gender
      • "constructs and terms as they are widely used by clinicians from various disciplines"
      • implicit denial of specialist care
      • emphasis on bell-curve "norms" and "deviations"
      • excessive and gratuitous description of naked human body