Internet Information Providers

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Internet Information Providers comprise an industry or subsector of large, publicly traded companies within the technology sector.

Social ills of social media

This is where we find the "social media" companies that persecute and harass targeted individuals by obtaining and selling too much information on them.

As "information providers" they actively oppose "open internet" policies such as IPv6, equal access, quality of service (QoS), etc.

There is a certain business model that depends on limiting and restricting publicly available IP address space and internet bandwidth; hence the strident political opposition to IPv6 and forced consumer dependence on crutch technologies such as "carrier grade NAT."

These companies actively oppose free and open source software solutions that compete with any paid or advertised services for which they might otherwise charge money, if they could further restrict consumer access to alternatives.

They maintain aggressive corporate copyright policing policies, and are opposed to the ideas of "consumers" or "individuals" or even competing companies that want to have control and ownership of their own data.

They bill themselves as "information providers" precisely for the purpose of ducking around or evading the "common carrier" status of Internet Service Providers and telecommunications firms.

List ranked roughly by size

GOOGL, GOOG Alphabet Inc.
FB Facebook, Inc.
JD, Inc.
BIDU Baidu, Inc.
TWTR Twitter, Inc.
VRSN VeriSign, Inc.
TME Tencent Music Entertainment Group
MTCH Match Group, Inc.
IAC IAC/InterActiveCorp
IQ iQIYI, Inc.
AKAM Akamai Technologies, Inc.
YNDX Yandex N.V.
ZG, Z Zillow Group, Inc.
ATHM Autohome Inc.
WB Weibo Corporation
BILI Bilibili Inc.
WIX Ltd.
GRUB Grubhub Inc.
TRIP TripAdvisor, Inc.
RDFN Redfin Corporation
DOYU DouYu International Holdings Limited
CDLX Cardlytics, Inc.
YELP Yelp Inc.
DAO Youdao, Inc.
INSP Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.
SOGO Sogou Inc.
GRPN Groupon, Inc.
QTT Qutoutiao Inc.
CANG Cango Inc.
BCOR Blucora, Inc.
BITA Bitauto Holdings Limited
UPWK Upwork Inc.
CRTO Criteo S.A.
TRVG trivago N.V.
TTGT TechTarget, Inc.
OPRA Opera Limited
UXIN Uxin Limited
LLNW Limelight Networks, Inc.
TCX Tucows Inc.
CRCM, Inc.
LIZI Lizhi Inc.
MEET The Meet Group, Inc.
SOHU Limited
PCOM Points International Ltd.
KRKR 36Kr Holdings Inc.
SFUN Fang Holdings Limited
JFIN Jiayin Group Inc.
FENG Phoenix New Media Limited
TZOO Travelzoo
SYNC Synacor, Inc.
MOXC Moxian, Inc.
MARK Remark Holdings, Inc.
LTRPB Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc.
JRJC China Finance Online Co. Limited
DLPN Dolphin Entertainment, Inc.
LIVE Live Ventures Incorporated
JMU JMU Limited

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